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Textile artwork


Sara Harris has so far been an award winning jeweller,  gallery owner,  guild commended picture framer,  jewellery teacher,  and textile artist. 
Having gained a Masters in Jewellery from London metropolitan University, she went on to win the prestigious Midora Design award in Leipzig and agree a design contract with Neissing jewellery company to manufacture her design "double play " internationally.
After relocating to Brighton, she continued to exhibit in the UK and Italy and began to teach jewellery classes at a private studio. By now she had made a slow transition towards textiles and in 2003, alongside exhibiting her own work, became the proud joint  owner of Brighton Framing Gallery untill the arrival of a small person. 
Family illness lead her to relocate to her native Canada for a couple of years where she exhibited on a small scale before returning to the UK, relocating to Norfolk. 
Sara is a magpie, fabric hoarder, beach comber and lover of all things misfit, oddball, quirky and otherwise unusual. 
Her work follows two distinctive styles. 
The first being concerned with figurative, soft sculpture in the form of creatures or characters evocative of a Tim Burton film, embracing humour, caricature and eccentric personality. 
The second, largely influenced by her move to Norfolk, reflects the natural world and her unwavering connection with the sea.
These textile illustrations or impressions of the shoreline are a combination of mixed media, free machine embroidery and carefully auditioned fibres and threads used to describe light, texture and tiny details magnified with the aim of capturing and re-telling a moment, delivering an essence , a sense of wonder in the beauty of nature's endless variation. 

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